TinCanCompany is foundede by the circus artists Rune Vadstrøm Andersen and Gry Lambertsen.
Through 14 years of performing together they have developed a razor-sharp sense of onstage timing and a distinctive performance aesthetic.

Whether climbing the Chinese pole, slack rope walking or manipulating everyday objects, they do so with a daredevil, heartwarming humour. They tell stories without words; wryly imaginative and with some surprising points to make.

Rune and Gry’s performances reflect the deep, nerdy affection they harbour for silent movies, punk and strange inventions.

TinCanCompany are a Danish new-circus touring company created in 2006 and based in a run-down old factory in Copenhagen. Rune and Gry have themselves built their own circus studio-cum creative-workspace; a chaotic wonderful mess full of ideas for many new performances.

TinCanCompany tour regularly on streets, stages and in schools both nationally and internationally – taking audiences by storm with their raw humour and artfulness.