A mad tour de force

In a cloud of petrol fumes and deafening noise, two quirky characters roars onto the stage on veteran mopeds:

From here the show takes off with 40 minutes of fast-paced entertainment.

A mad tour de force with retro kitsch, slack rope, sharp shooting, juggling with phones and carpenters hammers, frogs doing somersaults, climbing poles and a out of control tango dance…

A show that has played on countless venues  and festivals all over Europe both indoors and outdoors.

it has among other places performed at :

Riksteatern on tour with Stockholm Streetfestival- Sweden

Helsingørs Street Theater Festival- Denmark

Göteborgs kulturkalas- Sweden

Festival tant qui aura des muettes – France

Middelfart Kultur ø- Denmark

Tyrolen festival i Småland – Sweden

Bornholms Street Theater Festival – Denmark

Blågårdsgadefest i København -Denmark

Malmö Sommerscen- Sweden

Nordkraft i Ålborg and many more places…


Pratical info:

Artists: Rune Vadstrøm Andersen & Gry Lambertsen

Duration: 40 min.