Bearded Ladies

A site-specific circus – happening by TinCanCompany in cooperation with the Academy for Contemporary Circus (AMOC) Denmark’s new BA program for circus artists.

12 fearless and reckless bearded ladies guests this year Harbour Culture Festival in Odense.

As small explosions of contemporary circus, the bearded ladies pup up in the middle of crowd and creates moments of poetry and death-defying stunts . They throw themselves out in the air, stand on the head of another, bending their bodies in impossible positions.

Directors: Gry Lambertsen & Rune vadstrøm Andersen (TinCanCompany)
Artists: Volume 1 from AMOC (Academy of Contemporary Circus) and Rune Andersen Vadstrøm
Set design: Laura Rasmussen
Costumes: Camilla Lind
Composers: Sahar Pour & Lasse Martinussen (Rosemary)

The performance is supported by:
Odense Harbour Cultural Festival, Danish Art Council, kulturpuljen in Odense and Danish Artist Association.