PLANCK – A great contemporary circus show… in a small circus tent.

Planck is the latest production of TinCanCompany and is set to premiere the 9th of May at “DYNAMO Workspace” in Odense Denmark.

The title of the performance refers to the “Planck unit” – the smallest possible distance between matter. Beyond this, we enter the strange universe of quantum mechanics. Here the physical laws that govern our reality breaks down, objects can appear out of nowhere, communicate faster than the speed of light and exist in different places at the same time.

The audience is met by a small circus tent, and are given tiny tickets before they squeeze through the miniature entrance.
Rather than a narrative, Planck is a kaleidoscopic and quirky field trip into another dimension that aims to inspire the audience to be playful and creative. The performance combines circus skills, music, magic and everyday objects brought into unfamiliar use. The thrill of artists hanging 10 meters up in the air is replaced by the rush of surviving near collisions with bodies and objects flying through the air so close that you could reach out and touch them.

Director: Troels Hagen Findsen

Artists: Gry Lambertsen & Rune Vadstrøm Andersen

Musician: Camilla Bang

Scenografer: Siggi Óli Pálmason

Kostumier: Camilla Lind

Lighting design: Jonatan Winbo

Producer: Ida Kristine Nørgaard

planck skitse 11 planck skitse 16

Practical information:

Planck is set to premiere the 9th of May and is made for international touring. It has no dialogue and travels with the whole setup including stage and technical equipment.  

Planck suits outdoor Festivals and venues of all sizes. Its relatively small size makes it possible to warm up the tent and play outdoors even during cold periods. The construction is “self-standing” i.e. we are able to perform indoors in theatres, venues etc. without the need for tethering or drilling any holes in walls or floors.

The duration of the performance is approx. 55 min. and it can be played several times a day.
The tent fits 50 people in the audience and 3 people on stage: 2 artists and 1 musician.
Planck is for all ages, sizes, shapes, races, genders, sexualities etc. (claustrophobics excepted).

The tent is round and 50 square meters. Diameter of tent: 7,9 m. (if outdoors 12,3 m. with additional storm wires).
The height of tent: 5 m. Diameter of stage: 4 m.