Freaks is the story of a traveling circus, caught in the middle of a storm.

Suddenly the rug is pulled from under the audience and nothing is what it seems.

An eight-meter high trapeze stand. Two Chinese poles and a cable car, is the physical setting for the show.

Experience the tap dancing contortionist, the boy who is half horse half human and a disco dancing girl with ill fitting underwear. See romantic relationships crumble and disintegrate 8 meters above the ground. Mind your head  when the acrobat gets tangled up. Laugh at human vulnerability and feel the smile stiffen on your face, when you realize that you are the joke…

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Freaks …

Freaks merges theatre and circus in a raw and breathtaking mixture of magical moments and spectacular circus skills

,it challenges the audience perception of normality and holds up the grotesque and deformed as a mirror to our inner human defects. Who and what defines normality ?

Freaks is a co-production between the two Danish companies Cikaros and TinCanCompany. All the performers are professional circus artists, educated in Copenhagen, Moscow, Stockholm and Rotterdam. Both companies has been touring for several years at European circus festivals, cabarets, theaters and various venues.

Freaks is created with funding and support from The Danish Art Council and The Danish Artist Union.


Leo Sicard

Signe Løve Anderskov

Gry Lambertsen

Rune Andersen

Michiel Van Leeuwen

Camilla Becker madsen

Director: Mikala Bjarnov Lage

Dramaturg: Malte Claudio Lind

Set designers: Lina B Frank and Helene Nymann

Costume designer: Lina B Frank

Composer: Simon Eriksen

Producer: Maiken Bruun Aamodt