In a lively mosaic of headlong acrobatics, romantic dream scenarios and retro-kitsch scenography played out the story of two loners Gerd and Rolf. Gerd’s only friend is an aquarium fish, but one day she meets happen Rolf, who lives alone in a pet store. Their lives weave together, and the ordinary lives turns into a mishmash of awkward overtures and naive entirely dreams – as a vivid silent film of Chaplinske dimensions.

Under the leadership of the Swedish director Åsa Johannisson diving TinCanCompany into a funny universe where the clown’s naivety and childlike innocence examine human fallibility. Their very own cheeky, comedic and physical twisted style mixes with Magnus Larsson amazing sound universe.

Together they create a funny little world, full of poetry and warped humor.


A wonderful show full of antics and pranks, and at the same time so poetic. A fun and colorful 1950s-set design and props smågale also contributes together with Magnus Larsson expressive music and an exciting lighting.

Barometern (SE) 2009

Director: Åsa Johannisson

Artists: Gry Lambertsen and Rune Andersen

Set design: Karin Östergren

Costume: Mikaela Johansson

Composer: Magnus LarssonLighting design and technic: Jonathan Olof Winbo

A Co production between TinCanCompany, Circus In The Kingdom Of Glass and Regionteatern Blekinge / Kronoberg, Sweden.

Most of the fotos by Peter Lloyd

Supported by Arts Council committees, Statens Scenekunstudvalg.