The Circus cannon

The Circus Cannon is a schoolproject createed by artists from Cikaros and TinCanCompany.

Since its premiere in 2008,  The CircusCannon  has visited schools throughout Denmark.

The Circus Cannon is a day of world class entertainment and fun physical activities.

The teaching focuses on strengthening the students physical and motor skills and stimulates their curiosity and desire to create.

A day in the company of  The Circuscannon consists of 3 parts:

A surprise invasion in the classroom:

The classroom is invaded by five crazy circus artists, they break up the normal school day with death defying stunts and slapstick clowning.

A challenging and fun circus workshop

In the circus disciplines: acrobatics, pyramids, juggling and aerial acrobatics.

With a focus on coordination, strength, confidence, creativity and collaboration.

The show Circus Cannon:

The artists own show, a story about magical moments in the circus ring, and glimpses of the life behind the curtains.