Camping Delight

Camping Delight is a fast-paced and absurd circus performance, about how bad it can get if
we let the fear of the new and unknown overpower us, seen through the eyes of two absurd normality- imperialist clown characters.

A caravan draws up and two grotesque campers spring out. These stormtroopers then set to
work, frantically conquering and colonizing the space around them. They lay down artificial
grass, set up camping equipment and build fences. They hoist a flag – a nation is born.

In Camping Delight TinCanCompany examine how far we can go, as people and as nations,
with well-meaning attempts to impose our culture and values on others – before our
self-sufficiency and good intentions smack us on the back of the neck like a boomerang.

Director Leiv Arne Kjöllmoen, Circus Performers Gry Lambertsen and Rune Andersen
Scenography Siggi Oli Palmason, Costumes Siggi Oli Palmason/ Camilla Lind,
Composer Erik Rask

Camping Delight is a show created for international touring and outdoor performance to a wide range of audiences.
The show premiered May 15, 2014 at Spring Festival in Copenhagen. The show has now toured more than 30 locations in Denmark and Sweden.
Camping Delight is also on tour in 2015, please contact us for more information.
Length: 60 min – For all ages

Producer Pil Rix Rossel –

The performance is in receipt of support from The Danish Arts Foundation, Spar Nord & Frederiksberg Fonden

Photos by Søren Meisner: